Tips for Visiting Orlando for the First Time

Travelling to Orlando is different from visiting other places because of its popularity, which is why there are so many cheap Orlando flights. However, this popularity also means that you need to plan your travel to see the most during your trip. Here are some tips to help you plan your first trip to Orlando.

  1. The Airports

There are two international airports that you can fly to. These are Orlando-Sanford International Airport (SFB), and Orlando International Airport (MCO). MCO is the closer and larger airport to most tourist areas, while SFB is the smaller airport that is further away. However, SFB has the better cheap flight deals to Orlando, so flying to this one is a good idea.

  1. The Theme Parks

Travelling to Orlando most times means stopping at a theme park. If you are planning to visit any theme parks, you should plan ahead. Some events like the Character Meals or visiting during the peak seasons and dates, mean that you need to book at least six months in advance. You can easily cancel reservations, but not booking in advance will put you on a waiting list that could be hundreds of guests long.

There are passes that allow you to skip the line, which are a great option if you want to ride most of the rides. However, these passes can be expensive, so you may want to think about how many rides you are going to go on before buying one.

  1. Shopping

Shopping in Orlando is great for most UK travellers. Most times, the exchange rate is in your favour, and there are many outlet stores and shopping malls in the city. It is common to find items that are priced lower or around the same in US dollars as you would normally find at home. Most times, this means that you can get about a third off. You can also find coupons online to save you even more money. In store sales can also lower the prices.

It should be noted that the price on the tag is before tax. Sales tax will be applied when you reach the till. Even with the sales tax, you will be saving money.

  1. Avoid Eating Out

Snacks, meals, and drinks can add up quickly, especially when you are paying for the marked-up items at the parks. While you may not want to be a penny pincher, you can still easily sidestep the huge cost.

Most parks will offer free ice water at locations that sell ‘on tap’ soft drinks. This can save you from having to buy bottled water. If you can, avoid buying food at the theme park. Most of the food at a theme park is not great and is very expensive for what you are getting.

A trip to Orlando can be a lot of fun. The popularity of the city is one of the reasons why there are so many visitors each year This is great for travellers because you can save up to fifty percent on your airfare for an amazing trip.