Have you ever thought about visiting West Virginia ?

Don’t worry–if you said no, you’re in good company. Though it is a state well-known for its amazing mountainous scenery, national parks, and myriad outdoor activities, many people forget to plan a trip to see its wonders firsthand! Here are three really great reasons you should plan to take your next vacation to enjoy Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

  1. Whether you can hop in the car and drive a few hours, or it takes a plane or train–West Virginia is a very economical place to visit! Many of the parks, whether state or national, are free of admission.On top of this, much of the property in the state is not privately owned, so you can generally pull off the highway and take a little walk in the woods, or take a dip in the lake or river you’ve come across. There are gorgeous vistas at every turn, and you can just enjoy them whenever you’d like to take the time to walk to them! Also, the cost of living there is cheaper. Which means renting a cabin or hotel room, going out to eat, and shopping are cheaper than most other places you’d visit.
  2. Here is a short list of the national parks you can visit on your trip to the state: Babcock, Grandview, Bluestone, Seneca Rock, The Cranberry Glades, Fairfox Stone, and so many more! As I said this is a very condensed list. All it takes is a little bit of research to find out all the many economical, naturally splendid places to visit–and best of all, they’re usually under a 3 hour drive from each other. There are also books about walking from site to site using old walking paths; there are lots of options for touring this gorgeous place. (Don’t forget about the Appalachian Trail–part of it goes through West Virginia.)
  3. Last of all, West Virginia has a culture all its own, complete with specific music (bluegrass gospel), unique cuisine (try the Tamarack for a good sampler), and cultural iconography like the rhododendron flower and maple tree. It’s a place rife with art and old beauty, very unique for this high paced modern world.

If you decide to come on to the Mountain State, don’t forget to shop Walgreens for all the things you’ll need to be prepared: like bug spray and sunscreen!