What’s Really Happening With Commercial steam cleaners

Are you fed up having to use a whole host of nasty chemicals to remove grease and grime from yourdupray-disinfect-and-sanitize-1 kitchen at home, or maybe you run a food business such as a burger van or café and constantly have to battle against the fat that seems to appear on every surface.

Yet it can be very time consuming to do this using chemicals and often they can produce vapor that requires a lot of ventilation, meaning that they cannot be used when the catering unit is open, and in such catering businesses, most often time is money and opening an hour later in the morning due to having done a deep clean can mean you may well have missed out on a lot of trade.

IMG_20150129_205341-300x225So why not consider using a steam cleaner instead? Whereas once they only came in huge sizes and virtually required two people to operate them because of their size, you can now buy very compact units for use at home or work. Indeed smaller domestic steam cleaners are actually great for use in businesses as well, as they can be used for spot cleaning during the day without you having to stop work due to the use of chemicals.

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The Ultimate Solution For Commercial cleaners

A steam cleaner will easily remove layers of grease leaving the surface fully sanitized, and it will do this on virtually any surface.Even tiles will be left sparkling clean, and they are ideal for cleaning ingrained stains on the groPrecise_Sillouettes_2ut in between tiles. Large ones will come with a water tank to run for around an hour and a half without stopping, and feature adjustable steam pressure for dealing with particularly bad areas.

Commercial steam cleaners are now available in compact sizes and at prices that are cheap enough to mean that it can be more cost effective to buy one than rent one if you regularly need to deep clean a kitchen to maintain food hygiene standards. This is critical to avoid fines from OSHA or other regulatory agencies. Daimer Industries can help you choose the perfect product as they did for me. They vary in size from compact units about the size of a Dyson vacuum cleaner, to substantial four wheeled units that can be used h5000ciour after hour.

One thing to consider is that a good supplier will be able to offer good leasing rates on the majority
of the larger commercial steam cleaners.
A typical rate may start from under £30 per month, which is good value compared to hiring one out monthly and having your own steam cleaner means it can be used anytime you need it

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